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4 Essential Oils For Stress Relief

The change of season often brings a change of schedule and responsibilities. As such, the transition from Summer to Fall can sometimes bring stress with it. Why not try essential oils to help relieve or ease your stress?

Check out these essential oils which are commonly associated with stress relief:

#1 Valerian

For centuries, people have used valerian to help induce sleep and calm nerves.

This essential oil works well when used via a diffuser.

#2 Jatamansi

This oil derives from the same plant family as valerian and likewise helps to induce sleep and calm nerves.

However, in addition to use in a diffuser, we also recommend that rubbing a small, diluted amount of Jatamansi into the temples or forehead.

#3 Lavender

This essential oil is well known and commonly used for its calming effects.

While you can certainly diffuse this oil and apply a diluted amount directly on the skin, you might also try using this oil inside bath water.

#4 Jasmine

In addition to a calming effect, the scent of Jasmine is also commonly associated with romance and well-being. This essential oil does not traditionally bring on tiredness, but does in fact help to soothe anxiety.

The scent of Jasmine can fill the room with beautifully via a diffuser.

Why not try these essential oils as the Fall season begins? Give us a call for recommendations!

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