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Halotherapy is a natural therapy that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It involves relaxing in a specialized area filled with dry salt particles and helps cleanse the airways and skin, as well as aids in recovery and general wellbeing. 


Halotherapy is a powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air environment that simulates the natural salt cave climate that is used to treat respiratory and skin conditions.  It has been used to treat those with allergies, skin issues, sinus issues, and promotes wellness.  Our booth is designed and big enough for two people to enjoy the benefits at one time.  It is recommended to use this service fully exposed as the halogenerator disperses the salt into the booth in micro form, but for your own comfort you may use minimal clothing.  For $1 a minute come in and experience this one of a kind unique service that has never been brought to our area before!


Expect to breathe easier, allergy relief, reduce stress, decreased inflammation, and improved skin.  Halotherapy can also help with colds and flus, chronic bronchitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, and ear infections.  Many people don't realize all the amazing benefits that come with salt.  If only you had a little time to actually research what it truly does for the human body you would be absolutely mind blown!  There are three different categories of benefits that will will break down for complete transparency and peace of mind.



Minimize medications, improve  skin conditions, decrease inflammation, boost immune system, balance the nervous system, and reduce respiratory symptoms.



Improve stamina, increase endurance, enhance lung capacity, respiratory efficiency, rapid cardio-respiratory stabilization, and increase oxygen delivery to muscle fibers.



Relax deeply, sleep better, breath easier, increased energy, detoxify lungs and skin, and improve cellular rejuvenation.


Please keep in mind this service is designed to assist, not cure!  Steep out of your comfort zone and try something new today!


Salt Booth

Relax, detoxify and experience the health benefits of our salt booth!

10 Minute Session - $10

15 Minute Session - $15

20 Minute Session - $20

Halotherapy Special - $100

One month of unlimited halotherapy. This offer starts at time of purchase.

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