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Sugaring is the act of pulling hair out of the roots using a gel made from sugar, lemon and hot water. There are no chemical additives that could cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.  No strips, sticks or paper are used, only a small amount of sugar paste which provides for a gentle exfoliating hair removal.  It doesn't remove any live skin cells and is much gentler to the skin.


Sugaring doesn’t stick to skin, it only binds to the hair, whereas wax pulls your skin when removing hair.  This process isn't as painful as waxing and causes less irritation so its great for sensitive skin. You can also easily clean up after sugaring by simply using water to rinse off, as all of the ingredients in the mix are natural, so they dissolve leaving no sticky residue.


Sugaring allows hair to grow in slower and softer and compared to waxing and shaving, it results in fewer bumps and less redness post-appointment.   Sugaring paste is applied at body temperature and easily removed with water which reduces accidental burns and even scarring.  This technique can extract very short hairs which leads to more permanent hair reduction.


Eyebrows - $14

Lip - $12

Chin - $14

Underarms - $27

Chest - $42

Bikini - $32

Half Arm - $27

Full Arm - $32

Half Leg - $32

Full Leg - $50

Back - $42

Brazilian - $55

Men's Brazilian - $65

Full Leg w/ Bikini - $68

Full Leg w/ Brazilian - $100


Prices May Vary Based On Evaluation

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