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2020 Is Your Year

Have you made your new year resolutions yet? Here is one more to add: Commit to incorporating self-care into your regular routine this year.

#1 Make sleep a priority.

You are busy and it can be tempting to cut down on sleep in order to get to another task. Resist this mindset and resolve to prioritize sleep in 2020. Your health will thank you.

Experts recommend that most adults get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. And remember, quantity of sleep is not the only important factor. Sleep quality also counts.

Do what you need to do in order to get the proper quality and amount of sleep.

#2 Take regular breaks.

Whether it is your work day or the weekly grind, plan more deliberate TLC breaks for yourself in 2020.

For example, taking a brief break mid-morning from computer tasks to walk around or stretch often boosts productivity. Similarly, planning a day or afternoon for some weekly TLC can improve overall motivation and productivity.

(New You Oasis offers several relaxing services to help you rejuvenate, body and mind)

#3 Spend time outdoors.

A simple walk around your neighborhood or local park can work wonders. No, but really—Studies show that spending some time in the sun and the fresh air reduces stress and fatigue, as well as increases mindfulness.

#4 Find an exercise routine.

There are a myriad of exercise options—choose one or a few that work for you, your schedule, and your goals.

Whether it’s a kickboxing class, outdoor walks, a jog with friends, or something else, a healthy amount of exercise is proven to improve mental and physical health.

#5 Organize your time and your surroundings.

In order to successfully achieve our goals, it is necessary to prioritize our time and take control of our schedules.

Also, organizing the space around you (i.e. your home, office, car, etc.) can set you up for success and help you maintain your 2020 resolutions all year long.

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