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What Type Of Massage Should I Choose?

Massage treatments are a proven method for stress reduction, pain relief, and muscle tension. These treatments also provide specific benefits to a myriad of conditions or diseases.

Massage treatments come in a variety of types to focus on certain areas of the body, as well as various aspects of relaxation.

So, what treatment will best suit your needs? We are breaking down the massage types to help you decide which massage is right for you:

Reiki: Healing

This massage treatment originated in Japan. Its purpose is to promote self-healing and encourage a state of equilibrium.

Swedish Massage: Overall Relief

This method is a classic massage treatment in which the therapist uses firm (but gentle) pressure to provide muscle tension release and total relaxation throughout the body.

Prenatal Massage: Pregnancy

Calling all expectant mamas! This massage is adapted to address specific pregnancy needs and is particularly conscious of the body’s changes during pregnancy. In addition to relaxation and muscle tension, a prenatal massage supports circulation and mobility throughout the body.

Trigger Point Massage: Movement

This massage aims to reduce pain and increase movement. Therapists apply specific techniques to help soften, lengthen, and strengthen muscles.

Sports Massage: Recover And Refuel

This massage is specifically designed to meet the recovery and preparation needs of athletes. The therapist treats soft tissue aches, pain, and injuries by focusing on these areas of the body, so that the athlete can achieve recovery from past exertion, as well as prepare for the fitness feats ahead.

Hot Stone Massage: Deep Relaxation

By using smooth, heated stones on the body, this added heat allows the body to more fully relax. The heated stones, in combination with the therapist, warm tight muscles more quickly and more deeply than a traditional massage.

Deep Tissue Massage: Problem-Area Release

In this massage, the therapist uses firm pressure and slow strokes to focus on specific areas of tightness. If you experience chronic pain, soreness, or tightness in specific areas of the body, the Deep Tissue Massage might just be what you are looking for.

Upper Body Massage: Stress Relief

Did you know that the upper body is often the place in our bodies where we hold the majority of stress and tension? Typing, driving, lifting, etc. – The neck, shoulders, back, and hips achieve a lot for us on a daily basis. Through the Upper Body Massage, the therapist will treat stiffness and pain along the full length of your spine.

Full Body Massage: Total Relaxation

The name says it all— total relaxation and relief from head to toe!

Our team is here to assist and help you determine which type of massage can best suit the current needs of you and your body.

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