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Tis’ The Season To Relax

Amidst the busy, exciting, and sometimes even stressful days of the holiday season, remember relaxation provides crucial health and healing benefits.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic identifies a number of benefits that relaxation provides to overall health including:

#1 Slows heart rate and breathing

#2 Lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow to major muscles

#3 Improves digestion and can help maintain normal blood sugar levels

#4 Reduces muscle tension and even chronic pain, as well as stress hormone activity

#5 Improves concentration and mood, as well as reduces anger and frustration

#6 Boosts confidence and problem solving

#7 Improves quality of sleep and decreases tiredness

Incorporating relaxation into your daily and weekly routine is important to health and quality of life. And, there are many ways you can integrate relaxation into your routine.

Exercise, mediation, deep breathing, and participation in musical or art activities are just some of the many options. Treatments, such as massages, halotherapy, infrared sauna sessions, and more can provide much needed rejuvenation.

Our team at New You Oasis is passionate about helping you achieve healing and wholesome relaxation. Our multitude of services, including massages, facials, halotherapy, and much more, can help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

This year give the gift of relaxation– to others and yourself!

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