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The Benefits Of Sugaring Versus Traditional Waxing

While traditional waxing methods tend to involve harsh chemicals and can cause painful skin reactions, the Sugaring method is safe, gentle, painless, and effective.

What is Sugaring?

This hair removal technique uses a gel that consists of sugar, lemon, and hot water.

Rather than use strips, sticks, or paper to lift the substance and hair beneath from the skin, the Sugaring technique gently exfoliates hair from the skin. Sugaring paste sticks to the hair, and not the skin beneath.

What body hair can be removed with Sugaring?

Sugaring is suitable for: eyebrows, lip, chin, underarms, chest, bikini area, arms, legs, and the back.

Why is this method so gentle?

With this careful method, no live skin cells are removed and the Sugaring paste contains no chemicals which could cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.

Rather than stick to skin, Sugaring only clings to the hair. Thus, this is especially beneficial for sensitive skin and tends to be a less painful process, as compared to traditional waxing methods.

In addition, the esthetician will apply the Sugaring paste at room temperature, unlike traditional wax methods which tend to depend on heated gels/pastes.

As a result, Sugaring tends to cause less redness and bumps on the skin.

The gentle ingredients also make for easy removal of any residue. Any remaining Sugaring paste can be washed away simply by rinsing with water.

How does Sugaring affect hair growth?

This method tends to promote slower and softer hair growth. Sugaring can also remove short hairs, which helps to promote more permanent hair reduction.

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