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Don't Fall For These 3 Skincare Myths

When it comes to skincare, a number of myths exist and are sometimes even considered common knowledge.

But, rather than fall for these tricks, treat yourself with accurate information on the following three common skincare myths:

#1 Expensive skin serums are the best way to ensure youthful, vibrant skin.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on skin serums whose marketing promises magically youthful skin, realize that wearing sunscreen and kicking any smoking habits are the two best ways to prevent wrinkles on the skin.

#2 For best results, use the highest contents of SPF possible.

Hold on. Did you know that experts say at a certain SPF amount, the benefits of sunscreen level? That's right. As a result, experts recommend wearing a sunscreen with 30 SPF. And instead of applying sunscreen with an SPF of 70, 80, or 100, simply reapply your 30 SPF sunscreen with more regularity.

#3 Antibacterial soap is the only soap that will cleanse your skin.

While antibacterial soap does cleanse your skin, experts suggests that washing your hands and body with regular soap on a daily basis will work to wash away bacteria.

The reality is bacteria will never completely go away. So, the goal of washing your hands and body should be to prevent the spread of harmful, infection-causing bacteria. And for this goal, when washing on a consistent basis, regular soap will work just fine.


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