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4 Holiday-Style Self Care Activities

This festive season is packed full of holiday spirit. Here are some ideas to help you and your loved ones take time for self care and holiday cheer at the same time:

#1 Enjoy evenings by the fireside, holiday lights, or Christmas tree.

Sit, relax, and enjoy a peaceful evening, surrounded by your in-home holiday decor. Maybe sip on some hot tea, hot cocoa, wine, or other beverage of choice. Perhaps enjoy soft holiday music or your favorite holiday film.

#2 Breathe in the fresh, wintry air.

It may be cold outside, but it's not always "frightful" (as the classic holiday song might suggest). Take advantage of those bright sunny days with the light bouncing off the white snow to walk around your neighborhood or town.

#3 Bake your favorite classic holiday goodies.

Ever considered baking as a form of relaxation? It might just be the ticket for you! Spend an afternoon baking gingerbread, peppermint bark, sugar cookies, or whatever holiday classic suits you. The scents, sights, and, of course, the tastes of these baked goods can provide the perfect holiday relaxation.

#4 Spend time learning.

Discover the answers to questions or research topics that has been on your mind over the last few months. Perhaps read that book you have been eyeing. Or, play a game of holiday trivia with family or friends (virtual options available if needed).

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