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3 Reasons To Try Floatation Therapy

Leave the noise and confusion of life’s daily pressures behind and schedule a Floatation Therapy appointment. Here are three reasons to try this wholistic therapy:

Mental Relaxation

Floating provides the perfect environment for deep mental relaxation and allows the brain to produce a greater amount of theta waves. An increased amount of theta waves supports mental clarity, creativity, imagery, and memory.

Also, floating causes the body to release of the endorphins which induces the feeling of elevated mood states. This result helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, and negative mental habits.

Our flotation room is equipped with LED underlighting that is optional to the customer and both water and air temperature controlled. The room also has a vent in the ceiling that provides fresh air which can assist with breathing if needed.

Pain Relief

Because of the benefits of salt (magnesium sulfate) to the body, floatation therapy works to relieve physical pain and reduce muscle tension.

This unique type of hydrotherapy that simulates zero gravity by dissolving 800 to 1000 pounds of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) into approximately 200 hundred gallons of water in a small shallow pool 8-12 inches deep.

Improvement To Daily Routine

Floating therapy can work wonders to improve other aspects of your daily life as well. Some of these include improving your sleep and enhancing athletic performance.

Because of the healing effects on the body and mind, integrating this therapy into your routine offers balance, focus, and relief to your routine.

Call us today to schedule your luxurious and peaceful Flotation Therapy session!

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