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3 Reasons To Schedule Your Halotherapy Session

By simulating the climate of natural salt caves, halotherapy treatments can be a rejuvenating and healing antidote for a handful of respiratory and skin conditions, as well as provide several other health, fitness, and wellness benefits.

Below we dive into three reasons why this treatment might just be the perfect solution for your body and mind this winter season:

#1 Health

If you are struggling with a cold, the flu, bronchitis, allergoes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, or an ear infection, halotherapy could be the boost you need to kick that pesky condition.

This salt treatment works to stregthen the immune system, balance the nervous system, and minimize respiratory symptoms.

While Halotherapy is not a cure for the conditions listed above, this treatment can maximize healing and minimize the need for some medications.

#2 Fitness

Training for a race or other fitness challenge? Halotherapy is known to improve stamina and increase endurance by enhancing lung capacity, promoting efficient respiration, and increasing the delivery of oxygen to muscle fibers.

Halotherapy can work alongside exercise, sleep, and physical training to prepare you to crush your next fitness feat.

#3 Wellness

By detoxifying lungs and improving cellular rejuvenation, halotherapy promotes better sleep, easier breathing, and increased energy.

Especially during the chill of the winter, halotherapy is a perfect way to soak in relaxation and detox, mind and body.

Give us a call to schedule your halotherapy session!

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