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3 No-Fail Fall Skincare Tips

Most people welcome the fall season with open arms. Beautiful bright hues color the trees, a brisk breeze settles into the air, and of course the dreamy scents that we love most about the season. As we welcome Fall, be sure to prepare your skin for the change of season.

Check out the following tips from RealSimple to help you and your skin fully embrace the season:

#1 Choose a thicker moisturizer.

As the temperature drops, our skin needs more moisture to maintain it’s smooth glow. This is especially important at night time, before going to sleep.

Remember, hydration is the name of the game this season. So, for this reason, you might also consider incorporating specific lip and eye creams into your routine.

#2 Decrease your use of exfoliants and retinoids.

Like the moisturizer, we recommend this because of the cooling temperature. Exfoliants and retinoids agree most naturally with humidty and warmth.

#3 Suncreen… check!

You read that right—Continue to use the sunscreen this time of the year. Although it can be tempting to not wear sunscreen, the sun can still damage your skin on a seemingly cloudy day.

And you might also try balancing this decrease in sunlight with Vitamin C supplements. (Consult your doctor about any dietary changes.)

Our team at New You Oasis can help you identify the appropriate skincare services to fit your needs as you enter this Autumn season.

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